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Saturday is a special day….

As I worked around the house today, a song learned long ago came to mind repeatedly.


“Saturday is a special day,
It’s the day we get ready for Sunday;
We clean the house and we shop at the store,
so we won’t have to work until Monday;
We brush our clothes and we shine our shoes,
And we call it our “get-the-work-done” day;
Then we trim our nails and we shampoo our hair,
so we can be ready for Sunday!”

Music by Chester W Hill
Lyrics by Rita S Robinson

I don’t always remember the right words so it normally comes out with new lyrics each time it is sung. By the end of the day the combined version for Russell and I would go a little more like this…

SATURDAY is a special day,
It’s the day we get ready for SUNDAY.
We hunt our deer and miss the shot,
And pledge we won’t miss next week…
We wash our clothes and find our shoes,
And we call it our “watch the Sooners lose day”.
Then we prepare our food and wash the kids,
So we can be ready for SUNDAY!!!

What a day…LOL. I started out my morning by sleeping in. For once my little munchkins didn’t wake me before the aurora broke. I awoke to knock on my door and as immediately realized that I was late for my morning appt. with Ash. We were to go walking…I rushed to throw on the barest of necessities for decency and opened my door. To find…she was leaving. As my heart fell to the floor I called out to her, to apologize though I knew no apology was justification. I was not prepared. I am forgetful a lot anymore but this one time I felt that I had little to worry about. After-all, my children always wake up early and definitely when I don’t want to. The one day I need to be up..they let me sleep. How sweet!

Well, I did get to go on our walk. It was brisk and cool. Refreshing! After we returned to our warm homes I became lethargic. I don’t believe it is healthy to come in from the cold to so much warmth. Made me want to be lazy. So, open a window and get to work…had to close it pretty quick though. It’s cold outside!

Russell had a good morning on the hunt. Missed his eight point buck by a tree…. Really! He was walking him and shot where he knew he would be by the time the arrow got there. Well, with one eye closed, I guess the tree just looked like another part of the deer?? Beats me..

We went shopping for Big E. It is her birthday in a couple of weeks. Got her a few things and ended up shopping for Christmas at the same time. Sales were as good as Black Friday but the lines weren’t too bad. Happy to get some of it finished early.

Then home to watch the game and cook a little. OU lost to Texas A&M. Russell turned it off before we got a final score..such was his disgust. I found it quite an entertaining game. The best part was when the Aggies ran for a touch down and OU couldn’t stop them. I don’t think they were really trying. I cheered!!….and then I was told I could go outside. What? I can’t cheer when I see a good play? I thought they did great. 🙂 Russell..”Reprimanding Look” I said “Oh, yeah, your right honey..that was no good at all. How dare he run that ball down the field. It ought to be a foul or something. All the while hiding the laughter that threatened to burst from deep inside. I got the “How dare you” look….and I faded back to my kitchen, laughing boisterously. 🙂 I cooked a pecan pie and a new version…a Creamy Pecan Pie. Yummy! It was amazing! Just mix up your pie like normal but add 16 oz of Cream Cheese before you put in your pecans. If you want it to be a little denser…which I do, add more cream cheese. Can’t wait to try something else…next time I think I shall create a Pecan Pie Cheesecake!

So, my pie is done. The pork roast is ready to cook slowly, so as to fall tenderly apart when we get home tomorrow. My children are bathed and in bed and clothes are laid out. I am ready for a new day!

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