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Fabric Playhouse

With the cold permeating my very being, I have been trying to come up with ways to have more fun inside our home. I came across this idea for a fabric playhouse and just have to share. With only a table and some cloth (and a few minor things) you can make a charming playhouse for you little ones. There are a couple of ways I found to do this. Actually more than a…but, I am going to share a few ideas…mainly the one I like the most, which is my own combination of different ideas. 🙂

1. This way will work for any shape table.

Measure the height of your table from the inside ledge to the floor. This will be the width of your fabric. Measure the length of  the inside ledge of your table. This will be the length of your fabric. (Two times the length around the table for fuller gathers looks good if you are using patterned fabric.)  Using different fabrics on every side is ok too. Get creative….if you have a boy and girl, one side could be in a princess fabric and the other with cars or trains.

Hem edges of fabric.  Sew the fabric into a blanket binding, then attach the soft part of the velcro to the binding. The prickly part of the velcro is stuck (This can be reinforced with a staple gun, screws or whatever your creative mind can come up with.) to the inside edge of the table all the time, and when you want to play clubhouse, you just velcro the skirt on.

If you are going with muslin (an inexpensive cotton cloth), I would recommend cutting the cloth only the length around the inside of your table. This way it hangs straight down. You can add windows, you choose. If using muslin, wash and dry the fabric to preshrink it. You can create a window by cutting out three sides of a square panel(draw this on..wherever you want your window) leave top attached. Add two adhesive-backed velcro dots to the outside of the tent just above the window. Roll up the window, and add the matching dots to the roll to hold the window in place. Make a roll-up door using the same technique.

You can make a changeable sign for your playhouse by attaching a clear pocket protector to the house’s side with Velcro dots. Slip in a paper sign and change out as you change play. Is it a pet shop today? Or maybe..a Firehouse or Castle? Oh….Santa’s Workshop! Your playhouse can be anything you want it to be. If using a plain fabric, you can decorate your tent easily with fabric markers. If you like to applique could do wonders with that.

2.This idea works great if you have a card table or something similar.

If you would rather not do any sewing, or very little….you can make a playhouse using muslin that covers your table and hangs off of the sides. Muslin comes in several widths up to 10′ wide.  If your table isn’t too big…you wouldn’t need to sew at all just measure your table width, depth and height. Cut out corners and lay over your table. Decorate as desired!

3. I would recommend a card table for this project as well.

If you like to work with felt…you can use the same, over the table concept to create you playhouse. (Although you will have to sew your pieces together…felt doesn’t come in that big of pieces. Then decorate with more felt! There are a lot of ideas to work with using felt. Check out felt table playhouses on Etsy for more ideas.

I hope this helps you to have a little more fun out of the weather. Let me know if  you need any help with making your own! Also, when not in use…a drawstring bag comes in handy to store it. These would also make wonderful Christmas gifts!

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