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10 Ways To Beat the Blues!

Do you ever wake up feeling bored, depressed, lonely or unhappy? Fortunately, those unhappy times can be turned around and it doesn’t have to cost you anything. If your anything like me….your first urge is to go shopping. On you next “bad” day…consider using some of these proven mood lifters that don’t cost a dime:

1. Make a list of everything that is preventing you from being happy today. Consider postponing all negative feelings for 24 hours.

2. Make another list…this time of your blessings. Include everything good that’s ever happened to you.

3. Take a walk through a park, or explore a new area. See how much beauty you can find along the way.

4. Eat foods high in Vitamin B. Avoid foods high in refined sugar or salt. Vitamin B foods (whole grains, fruits, vegetables and meats) are especially soothing. On the other hand, refined sugar devours the Bcomplex vitamins, upsets your blood-sugar level, and predisposes you to nervousness. Salt increases irritability.

5. Get out an unfinished project and finish it.

6. Start a new project.

7. Call two favorite people and tell them how much you love them.

8. Do an anonymous good deed.

9. Realize that having a good day is really your own choice.

10. Give everyone a smile.

At first this list may seem silly or childish…after-all, who needs a list of ten things to win over depression? However…when you are in the midst of the black cloud, you may not be able to see your way out by yourself. You may need someone to hold your hand and guide you back out into the sunshine. Some of the fun, simple, everyday things…can be the best positive steps to finding joy in your life.

Grace Noll Crowell put it nicely in the poem:

I Have Found Such Joy

I have found such joy in simple things;
A plain, clean room, a nut-brown loaf of bread
A cup of milk, a kettle as it sings,
The shelter of a roof above my head,
And in a leaf-laced square along the floor,
Where yellow sunlight glimmers through a door.

I have found such joy in things that fill
My quiet days: a curtain’s blowing grace,
A potted plant upon my window sill,
A rose, fresh-cut and placed within a vase;
A table cleared, a lamp beside a chair,
And books I long have loved beside me there.

Oh, I have found such joys I wish I might
Tell every woman who goes seeking far
For some elusive, feverish delight,
That very close to home the great joys are:
The elemental things– old as the race,
Yet never, through the ages, commonplace.

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