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Spring Dress #1

I am in the process of making 4 dresses. One for each of my young ladies. This is dress #1, prepared for little E.  The dress is made of cotton, lined in poly satin. Zippered back with eye-hook at the top. Love the fabric and the blue  really lights up her eyes! I did go by a bought pattern for this dress but altered the size. It was intended for a size 3 or larger, I altered it to a size 2 and made my own flower for the front. I made it detachable…that way it doesn’t get crushed in the wash…and it makes it that much easier when I go to iron the dress. This dress hits about 2″ below her knees. I thought about making it shorter but the way she sits and plays…longer is better.

Had to add this picture. I love it in B&W. Isn’t she adorable? The first picture was taken shortly after this when she dropped the horse and looked back at me with those big eyes. Uh, Oh….she said.

Well, back to the sewing machine. I am already working on dress #2 for big E. 🙂

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