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Bring a Smile to a Child this Christmas!

Help me lift a child’s spirit this Christmas! Every year I will be hosting a fundraiser with the Scentsy buddies, this year Scentsy gave me the opportunity to benefit 2 causes at one time!

Your $30.00 donation will benefit 2 great causes and help a child smile. 100% of net proceeds will go to the Ronald McDonald House Charities and then I will deliver all Sasha bears bought to the Western Baptist NICU, Paducah, KY and to the Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville, KY. I will deliver all the bears close to Christmas. Every child in the hospital deserves to smile. For more details or to donate…Contact me today!…..I have a paypal account for anyone wanting to send donations using their credit or debit cards. Safe & Secure…I never see your information. If you use paypal just put “Charity Donation”.

Thank you for joining me in helping to bring joy to so many children and for helping to donate to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Each and every Scentsy buddy is high quality and will be treasured for a lifetime! Each Buddy has a zippered pocket and comes with a scent pak which will bring Sasha to life with scrumptious Scentsy fragrance.

If you would prefer to donate toward a different Scentsy buddy, please be aware that your donation will still be given to these wonderful children, however, the net proceeds will not go toward the Ronald McDonald House Charities. My net proceeds will, but I have no control of the net proceeds made by Scentsy. To view the full collection of buddies click HERE.

I will update this post in December with pics and let everyone know how many buddies have been donated!!! I hope there are so many that I have to rent a trailer to get them there!! Let’s get started!! Contact me today! …You can also find me on Facebook! Please share this with your friends and family!

Pookie the Polar Bear is part of our Limited Edition 2011 Holiday Collection. If you are looking for a great Christmas gift for your little one go to my web site to view the full collection of buddies available.

Scentsy…Bring Back My Bar!! Vote Now..only 2 days left!!!

Gone, but not Forgotten

Bring Back My Bar is for the loyal among you, the ever-devoted scent supporters who never forget a top note. You are steadfast—devout, even—in your love of favorite fragrances. You hoard a treasured scent before it is discontinued; you beg for its return. (Yes! We received the late-night “it-was-the-best-scent-ever” emails!)

Vote for your favorite retired fragrances as part of this season’s Bring Back My Bar and reunite with the lush florals, juicy fruits, and spicy herbs still lingering in your memory. We’ll bring back 20 of the most highly requested scents—make sure yours are among them! Voting will close April 27 and the chosen fragrances will be available for the month of July 2011 only.

Vote Now!

Jumping On the Bed

Ya gotta love women~
A fifty-ish woman was at home, happily jumping on her bed and squealing with delight.

Her husband watched her for a while and asked, “Do you have any idea how ridiculous you look? What’s the matter with you?”

The woman continued to bounce on the bed and said, “I don’t care. I just came from having a mammogram and the doctor says I have the breasts of an 18 year-old”.

The husband said, “What did he say about your 56-year-old ass?”

“Your name never came up,” she replied.

Lower Gas Prices?

This picture would be funny if it weren’t so close to the truth……

With all of the ideas about how to get gas prices lower going around on the net…I though this (sent to me via e-mail) was worth passing along. If you agree, share this link with everyone that you know…send out e-mails, however you want to do it. We can make a difference!

Phillip  Hollsworth offered this idea.

This makes MUCH MORE SENSE than  the “don’t buy gas on a certain day”  campaign that was going  around last April or May!
It’s worth your  consideration.  Join the resistance!!!!

I hear we are going to hit close to $ 4.00 a gallon by next summer and  it might go higher!!  Want gasoline prices to come  down?

We  need to take some intelligent, united  action.
The  oil companies just laughed at that because they knew we wouldn’t  continue to “hurt” ourselves by refusing to buy  gas .

It  was more of an inconvenience to us than it was a problem for  them.
BUT, whoever  thought of this idea, has come up with a plan that can Really work.  Please read on and join with  us!

By  now you’re probably thinking gasoline priced at about $2.00 is super  cheap.  Me too!  It is currently $3.08 at Arco and Costco  for regular unleaded in Salem , Oregon and climbing every  week.

Now  that the oil companies and the OPEC nations have conditioned us to  think that the cost of a gallon of gas is CHEAP at $1.50 – $1.75, we  need to take aggressive action to teach them that BUYERS control the  marketplace..not sellers.

With  the price of gasoline going up more each day, we consumers need to  take action.

The  only way we are going to see the price of gas come down is if we hit  someone in the pocketbook by not purchasing their gas!  And, we  can do that WITHOUT hurting  ourselves.

How?  Since we all rely on our cars, we can’t just stop buying  gas.

But  we CAN have an impact on gas prices if we all act together to force a  price war.

Here’s  the idea: For the rest of this year, DON’T purchase ANY gasoline from  the two biggest companies (which now are  one), EXXON and MOBIL.

If  they are not selling any gas, they will be inclined to reduce their  prices.  If they reduce their prices, the other companies will  have to follow suit.

But  to have an impact, we need to reach literally millions of Exxon and  Mobil gas buyers.  It’s really simple to do!  Now, don’t  wimp out on me at this point…keep reading and I’ll explain how  simple it is to reach millions of  people!!

I  am sending this note to 30 people.  If each of us send it to at  least ten more (30 x 10 = 300) ..  and those 300 send it to at  least ten more (300 x 10 =  3,000)… and  so on, by the time the message reaches the sixth group of people, we  will have reached over THREE MILLION  consumers .
If  those three million get excited and pass this on to ten friends each,  then 30 million people will have been  contacted!

If  it goes one level further, you guessed it…..  THREE HUNDRED  MILLION PEOPLE!!!

Again,  all you have to do is send this to 10 people.  That’s  all!

(If  you don’t understand how we can reach 300 million and all you have to  do is send this to 10 people….  Well, let’s face it, you just  aren’t a mathematician.  But I am .  so trust me on this  one.

How  long would all that take?  If each of us sends this e-mail out to  ten more people within one day of receipt, all 300 MILLION people  could conceivably be contacted within the next 8  days!

I’ll  bet you didn’t think you and I had that much potential, did  you!  Acting together we  can make a difference.

You have only the rights you are willing to fight for!
Be kind, remove all email addresses & use bcc when forwarding; say no to spammers and computer viruses.

Thomas Jefferson – “I think we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious.”

Preemie Pride – Care Packages for NICU

I would love to say that I am starting a Non-Profit Organization…but the legalities involved in such an endeavor are a bit beyond my reach. So, for now, I am just doing my best with what I have. Having had a preemie myself, I know how hard the time spent in NICU is. I was blessed to only have to spend 2 weeks in NICU with my son. I can only imagine how much harder it is for parents who spend months there.

My 11 yr old daughter has just started sewing and together we will be putting together care packages for our new NICU unit at Western Baptist, here in Paducah, KY. This is a six bed, level 2 NICU unit. These care packages will include quilts and small laundry bags. Any Cotton or Flannel fabric, that you can donate, can be used for these. If we begin receiving more donations than what Western Baptist can handle..(I am expecting this..even from myself)..I will be delivering to Lexington, KY and Nashville, TN neonatal units.

My son was a preemie and I know how much it meant to me to receive the small items that I did. Anything that can help these parents through such a rough time is much appreciated. If you are willing to donate your time to make blankets…The goal is to make a quilt approximately 22″ square. Sometimes they are a little larger and sometimes a little smaller, depending on the design of the fabric but I usually use ½ of the fabric width (44” fabric) for the backing and by the time I take ¼ inch seams, the quilt is finished at 21 ½ inches. Cotton batting in the center…Polyester batting is too fluffy and these quilts are frequently placed under the babies and need to be sturdy and flat. Machine quilt for durability as these will be washed often. If you cannot do the quilting part..just put them together and I will do the rest.

If you prefer to make larger quilts to be placed on top of babies unit these are welcome also. Once the baby receives the quilt, it belongs to him/her and they get to take it home. Laundry bags are approx. 10″x6″…Plenty of room for those little preemie clothes from home, so that they don’t get mixed into the hospital laundry..never to be seen again. And they are nice to place on the crib at home.

If you have any other items that could be put in care packages for these parents that would be great. Ideas include:

*Lotion (lots of hand washing in NICU),

*New books (reading to baby is soothing to parents and babies),

*Soothing Music Cds,

*Aquaphor baby wash (much gentler on baby’s fragile skin than what the hospital has and they will let you use it),

*Snacks (it is sometimes hard to get away for a snack…nice to have it close),

*Hair Ties (for those moms with long hair, sometimes you forget to bring the simplest things)

*Disposable Cameras (one of the biggest regrets of parents with babies from NICU is that they didn’t get pictures..they didn’t have a camera)

*Scrapbook or Baby book…even a simple notebook to help parents keep track of all the things that happen.

Thank you in advance for your incredible contributions to the care and comfort of the smallest, sickest and most vulnerable babies and their families. Your contributions make the intensive care nursery an appropriately loving, soft and lovely place. Although the families and babies are experiencing a very stressful time in their lives, your contributions let them know they are special, they are loved, and that they are receiving heartfelt encouragement, prayers, and positive thoughts. Your generous contributions of resources, time, talent and love reach out to these families and babies and touch them for a lifetime.

I can meet to pick up donations in Paducah..preferably at the Kmart parking lot on exit 4..I can also pick up on exit 7 if needed. I would like to get donations by the 20th of every month as I have to wash them, package them and deliver by the 1st.  Please contact me with any questions at 270-415-5193 or 575-390-3450. E-mail

I will accept donations from anywhere! 🙂 If you would like to mail donations…let me know.

Steelers or Packers??

Click on the meter to vote for you favorite!!

Surfer Hair!

My DB giving me a big “CHEESE”!

So, with the cold outside and the warm inside we decided to do hair today. Cut and styled …I think he looks pretty good! I used Garnier Fructis Style Surf Hair Strong Texture Paste to make it hold up. I love the fact that it creates that windswept look with very little effort on my part. That tousled wild look reminds me of summer days at the lake. Can’t wait for summer to get here. 🙂

(Disclaimer:   All opinions and thoughts on this material and product are mine and mine alone.  As a part of the review process, I did receive the product being reviewed in order to give my honest thoughts on it.  I was not (and will never be) paid for a review with a certain outcome.)

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