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Christmas In Heaven

I see the countless Christmas Trees around the world below, with tiny lights, like heaven’s stars, reflecting on the snow.

The sight is so spectacular, please wipe away that tear, for I am spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year.

I hear the many Christmas songs that people hold so dear, but the sounds of music can’t compare with the Christmas choir up here.

I have no words to tell you, the joy their voices bring, for it is beyond description, to hear the angels sing.

I know how much you miss me. I see the pain inside your heart, but I am not so far away.

We really aren’t apart. So be happy for me dear ones.

You know I hold you dear, and be glad I’m spending Christmas, with Jesus Christ this year.

I send you each a special gift, from my heavenly home above.

I send you each a memory of, my undying love.

After all “Love” is the gift, more precious than pure gold.

It was always most important in the stories Jesus told.

Please love and keep each other, as my Father said to do, for I can’t count the blessing or love he has for each of you.

So, have a Merry Christmas and wipe away that tear.

Remember, I’m spending Christmas, with Jesus Christ this year.

Merry Christmas! 100 Things About Me!

100. Learning new things excites me!

99. I always wear VS Heavenly.

98. I Love to sew.

97. I know how to use a “dark room”.

96. I prefer a Cannon SLR.

95. I make a SUPER Cheesecake.

94. I like Gain, Original Scent.

93. I have 5 children and 2 step-children.

92. I learned many years ago..not to leave the house without eye liner.

91. I love to be bare foot.

90. I am 5’4″.

89. I have had 1 miscarriage.

88. I prefer Silver to Gold.

87. I had my ears pierced for the first time when I was 20 yrs old.

86. I love talking to my mom while we work together..on anything.

85. I got married the first time when I was 21 years old.

84. I got divorced within a year.

83. I Love to HUG my kids.

82. I was a waitress for 3 yrs.

81. I worked in a sawmill for 5 yrs.

80. I am a cheek kisser…other than my DH.

79. I like small dogs.

78. I lived on the border of Mexico for 4 yrs.

77. I was home schooled from 4rd grade through 12th.

76. I was named after my Grandmas..both of them.

75. I speak Spanish….just enough to get me in trouble.

74. I love finding good deals.

73. I collected dragons…until I had kids.

72. I love to read good books.

71. I like to write poetry.

70. I like to window shop. No obligation to buy….just the enjoyment of seeing beautiful things.

69. I like sticky notes.

68. I enjoy listening to music in the car.

67. I love babies and the way they smell.

66. I’m all for epidurals.

65. I can’t resist my kids smiles.

64. I love to cook!

63. I dislike doing dishes.

62. I fold my towels in threes.

61. I like the toothpaste tube rolled.

60. I wonder if no one else knows how to change out the rolls of toilet tissue.

59. I like to write.

58. I love to go to the Temple!

57. I like to do family history work with my mom.

56. I love to dance.

55. I hate liver and onions.

54. My favorite food is “Alambre”.

53. I am not an organized person.

52. I would like to be. 🙂

51. I was a nail biter…not anymore.

50. My favorite movie is “Princess Bride”.

49. I got married the second time when I was 24.

48. My favorite thing to do…make my kids smile.

47. I’m not very sympathetic. I’m empathetic, but don’t come whining to me. Can’t stand it.

46. I am irritated easily by insincerity or dishonesty.

45. I love the smell of rain.

44. My favorite song when I was young…”I love the rainy nights” by Eddie Rabbit.

43. I prefer crunchy over creamy…2/3 peanut butter, 1/3 chocolate syrup.

42. I hate to see someone sad or upset.

41. My hair doesn’t hold a curl unless I perm it.

40. I loved fishing with my dad growing up.

39. I am a procrastinator.

38. It must be Lawry’s seasoning salt, Real vanilla from Mexico, Hidden Valley dressing, and Pace picante.

37. I have ton’s of half finished projects.

36. My favorite color is Royal Blue.

35. I love going to the bathroom….alone! With 5 kids, it is hard to get away…even there.

34. I prefer my hair long and curly.

33. I wear a size 7 1/2, open toe pump, black.

32. I love my tennis shoes.

31. I can’t lie without smiling.

30. I love taking pictures.

29. I LOVE my Mom!! She is my favorite person to hang out with.

28. I collect cook books. Taste of Home is my favorite.

27. I can’t give a talk without crying.

26. I love my friends.

25. I have moved more in the last few years than most people do in a lifetime.

24. I know how to swim…long enough for someone to save me.

23. I don’t understand people who take advantage of the kindness of others.

22. I have a low tolerance for those who make promises that they can’t or won’t keep.

21. I love coupons!

20. I don’t like peas, celery, or cooked spinach.

19. I’m a sucker for puppies…but dogs are not indoor pets.

18. I am allergic to cats and long haired dogs.

17. My least favorite job is ironing.

16. I can’t stand movies with a lot of blood and cursing.

15. I can’t help but laugh at people who use the word “like” several times in a sentence.

14. If I hear incorrect grammar it is hard for me not to correct it.

13. I hate to floss.

12. I have a credit card….for gas purchases only.

11. I don’t wear a watch.

10. I love analog clocks…for looks and for telling time.

9. I want to start scrapbooking.

8. And get back into a regular exercise routine.

7. Chocolate and Peanut Butter are the best.

6. I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters.

5. I am starting to love blogging.

4. I home schooled 3 of my kids for 6 months…had my newest addition to the family, was running a business and a household. It was just too much.

3. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS or Mormons). I have a Testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know that God loves each of us, knows us individually and cares about everything we do.

2. I love my husband and my children with all my being.

1. I am thankful for all the support that I have and I hope to make and record many memories in the years to come. I hope you will come along with me!

Hugs & Love,


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Inspirational Poem: The Night Before Christmas

“T’was the night before Christmas and all through the town
Not a sign of Baby Jesus was anywhere to be found.

The people were all busy with Christmas time chores
Like decorating, and baking, and shopping in stores.

No one sang “Away in a manger, no crib for a bed”.
Instead, they sang of Santa dressed-up in bright red.

Mama watched Martha Stewart, Papa drank beer from a tap.
As hour upon hour the presents they’d wrap
When what from the T.V.
did they suddenly hear?
‘Cept an ad.. which told of a big sale at Sears.

So away to the mall they all flew like a flash…
Buying things on credit…
and others with cash!

And, as they made their way home from their trip to the mall,
Did they think about Jesus? Oh, no… not at all.

Their lives were so busy with their Christmas time things
No time to remember Christ Jesus, the King.

There were presents to wrap and cookies to bake.
How could they stop and remember who died for their sake?

To pray to the Savior…
they had no time to stop.
Because they needed more time to “Shop til they dropped!”

On Wal-mart! On K-mart!
On Target! On Penney’s!
On Hallmark! On Zales!
A quick lunch at Denny’s.
From the big stores downtown to the stores at the mall,
they would dash away, dash away, and visit them all!

And up on the roof, there arose such a clatter
As grandpa hung icicle lights up on his brand new step ladder.

He hung lights that would flash.
He hung lights that would twirl.
Yet, he never once prayed to Jesus…
Light of the World.

Christ’s eyes… how they twinkle!
Christ’s Spirit… how merry!
Christ’s love… how enormous!
All our burdens… He’ll carry!

So instead of being busy, overworked, and uptight
Let’s put Christ back in Christmas and enjoy some good nights.”

10 Things: Keeping Christ in Christmas and in our Hearts

As we get caught up in all the hustle and bustle at Christmas time, it is sometimes hard to keep Christ at the forefront of out thoughts. Here are a few things that help me to remember my Savior, not only at Christmas time but throughout the year.

1. Study your scriptures! The best way to keep Christ in our thoughts is to learn of him. Go to the source. Study of the scriptures on a daily basis will bring Christ into your life.

2. Pray in the name of Christ! Praying is an act of humility, a necessary attribute to bring us closer to Christ. As we pray with sincerity we will open ourselves to God’s love and peace. Start by increasing how often you pray, at least once per day, and your thoughts will be more focused on Christ. If you’re new to prayer just start small with a simple prayer. Express your thoughts and feelings to God and He will hear you.

3. Decorate with Christ in mind. Decorate your home with pictures of Christ, from both His birth and life. You can put up decorations that feature the birth of Christ including a nativity scene and Christmas advent calendar. Be creative as you decorate for the holiday. If you can’t find Christ centered decorations you can make your own.

4. Listen to Christ centered music. Focus on the words as you listen. What do they say to you? Do you feel the spirit touch your heart? There are so many beautiful songs about Christ. Our Father in Heaven loves to hear us sing. D&C 25:12 says..”For my soul delighteth in the song of the heart; yea, the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads.”
We will be blessed with Christ in our lives as we sing those songs of praise and comfort.

5. Focus your entertainment on Christ. There are many good books and movies about our Savior. If we will focus more of our downtime on Christ we will find ourselves closer to him. The following book is an excellent Christ-centered resource:
21 Days Closer to Christ – With 21 chapters, 21 invitations and 21 journeys to embark upon, this book is a great place to start coming closer to Christ.

6. Memorize Scriptures. An excellent way to focus your thoughts upon Christ during the Christmas season is to repeat scriptures, quotes, and other sayings about Christ throughout the day. Jot down some Christmas scriptures or Christmas quotes in a mini notebook or on some index cards and then carry them with you wherever you go. During those moments when you’re not doing anything (standing in line, stopped in traffic, on break, etc.) pull out your notebook and read your affirmations about Christ and Christmas. Such a small act has great power to keep Christ in Christmas.

7. Keep a Spiritual Journal. Keep a journal and write your thoughts about Him in it. All you need is a little notebook and a pen/pencil to get you started. Write down what you’re thankful for, how you feel, and what hopes you have. Write about past experiences, including those at Christmas time, and how you’ve seen the hand of God in your life. Share those Christmas traditions that remind you of Christ. Putting your thoughts to paper is a powerful way to change the focus of your thoughts and keep Christ in Christmas.

8. Share your love of Christ with others. Share your testimony of your Savior with your family, friends, co-workers or even strangers as it is appropriate. Ask them how they feel about Christ. You can show respect for those who do not believe in him by simply sharing your faith in Christ and how you feel about Christmas and allow them to share how they feel as well. Everyone has the right to worship as they see fit.

9. Serve others with charity. Christ was our greatest example of service with charity. He never expected anything in return for what he gave. He loved unconditionally with pure love. Moroni 7:46-47 “Wherefore, my beloved brethren, if ye have not charity, ye are nothing, for charity never faileth. Wherefore, cleave unto charity, which is the greatest of all, for all things must fail— But charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth forever; and whoso is found possessed of it at the last day, it shall be well with him.
We can emulate the Savior by serving others and this will bring us closer to him.

10. Give a gift to Christ. Christmastime is so focused on rushing here and there to buy this and that. Giving, getting and receiving seem to be the main focus of the season. If our thoughts are centered on Christ, what would he have us do? All of the above mentioned things are wonderful ways to show our love. As you serve others, as you seek to know the Savior and serve him you will be blessed.

By giving ourselves fully to him we will have his spirit with us and will find that it is not hard to know the true meaning of Christmas and how to keep Christ in it. May you have a joyous holiday season with Christ as your center.

Potty Training..for Santa?

We have been struggling with Potty Training for, well, lets just say it’s been a long time. My DB is 3 yrs old now..and in my opinion, should have been through this stage already. I have always thought before that if a child is this long in diapers it is the parents fault. Not strict enough, not enough incentive, or simply a lack of knowledge on how to do it.

After going through this with 3 previous children, I thought this would not be a problem for me. Ha! When they say that boys are no different than girls “they” are lying. At least for me, it has been very different. We have went through “waiting for his time”, encouragement, incentive, punishment, etc. No matter what I read on the subject or tried, it just wasn’t working. He had very little desire to go potty. He was happy with the way is was…until, one day…

After more accidents, my husband comes up with the brilliant idea…while I was out of the house with one of the girls…that he would call Santa Clause! When I get back my DB was in tears, HUGE elephant tears. ?? I am trying to figure out what is going on when I hear the words..called Santa. (OH) Well, he said that if he couldn’t be a big boy…that he couldn’t bring him Thomas the Train. Needless to say, I had to do a little soothing and we had a talk. I told him that he could be a big boy, no worries. We would work really hard together. He shook his little head up and down as his tears subsided and a smile peeked through. Then I got one of those hugs that makes all the hard stuff worth it.

Wow! Who would have thought that a man in a red suit would have so much influence? For the last 2 days we have been practically accident free including the last two nights. He woke up both mornings as dry as could be and went straight to the potty!

I suppose after feeling so bad several days ago and doing so well now, my DB felt the need to show his Daddy that he was no worse for wear. My DB looks at his daddy (with somewhat of a “I won” attitude) and says “I know.”
My husband asked him “what do you know?”
DB “I gonna get two Thomas the Trains from Santa Clause…I a big boy!”…..(“so there!”)


Christmas Cookies For Troops

I have spent the last week thinking about what our family would do for our Christmas service project this year. Christmas is about giving, not receiving and I want my children to remember that when they are grown and far away.  I have always thought how nice it would be to send care packages to our troops. So…this is what I want to do. I just need a little help. I need addresses of soldiers to send them to.

I will send cookies to any troops whose addresses are given to me. (At least as many as I can keep up with..or can afford. I have 3 little ones who are willing to help out!) Every box of cookies will contain a handwritten card which connects the troops to their community, I’ll say who gave me their address. I’ll jot a funny story and a encouraging quote. (If you have one that you would like included, please send me that as well.) I want the troops to know this isn’t some random woman with a cookie baking fetish sending out oodles of cookies.  This is the labors of their community. This is a extension of love from their friends and family. This is letting them know they are not forgotten. That they are on the forefront of the minds of those who know them personally–and even some who don’t know them.

I understand that the cutoff date to send Priority Mail is Dec. 10th to get it there by Christmas. I can send them after that, of course. We just can’t expect them to have them by Christmas. Although, I am pretty sure they wouldn’t care when they got them. Goodies are goodies! If you would like to send a donation to help with supplies or mailing, I would be happy to accept them. I can accept checks, money orders, or Paypal. If you can’t afford anything..but want to send out cookies anyway…send me those addresses. (Mailing alone will be 12.50 per large box to an APO/FPO address overseas.)

You can contact me by commenting here with information or you can send me an e-mail to  Please put “Cookies For Troops” in the subject line. I live in Kentucky, but like I said…I will send to anywhere, regardless of the area they are requested from. If you would like to volunteer to take any requests for addresses from your area/community that I may get..let me know! I would like to help out as many troops as possible. Hopefully this will turn out to be a huge success!!

If you would like to send some out yourself, but need recipe ideas for cookies that handle the shipping well, keep an eye out. I will be posting some soon.

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