The quickest way for a parent to get a child's attention is to sit down and look comfortable.

10 Toenail Facts

1. Moon Spots

That white spot at the base of your toenails (and fingernails) shaped like a half-moon is called the “lunule”, a name that comes from the Latin word for “moon”.

2. World’s Longest

In 1991, a woman from California named Louise Hollis set (and still holds) the record for the longest combined toenail length: her 10 nails were 7.25 feet long. How much time does she spend filing and painting them? Two days every week.

3. Clip Me Tender

The Loudermilk Boarding House Museum in Georgia contains about 30,000 Elvis Presley artifacts. Here you’ll find a wart, a vial of sweat, and a toenail….all said to have come from the King himself. (Some Elvis experts debate the authenticity of the toenail, though, so it’s just called the “Maybe Elvis Toenail”.)

4. Ouch!

About 5 percent of people complain of ingrown toenails, that painful condition where the toenail grows into the surrounding skin.

5. Another Kind of Toenail

The Devil’s Toenail in Llano County, Texas, is a 350 foot tall sandstone hill that looks like a giant toenail.

6. Mother Knows Best

Gorilla mothers use their teeth to trim their babies’ toenails.

7. Toenails Tell the Tail

The chemicals in your toenail can tell doctors lots of things: if you’re at risk for skin cancer or heart disease, what you eat and drink, whether you take prescription drugs and even where you’ve lived.

8. A Star is Born

Thomas John Ashton’s 1852 book “A Treatise on Corns, Bunions, and Ingrowing of the Toenail: Their Cause and Treatment” contains a section on toenails. It’s believed to have been the first time the subject of toenails showed up in a published book.

9. Fast Hands

Toenails grow four times more slowly than fingernails. (It takes about eight months to grow a new toenail.)

10. Necknails

Marathon runner Jan Ryerse was always breaking off parts of his toenails when he ran races. (They collected in his shoes.) So he decided to craft a memento: a toenail necklace. Most of the toenails are his, but he also took donations from family, friends, and fans to fill it out.




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