The quickest way for a parent to get a child's attention is to sit down and look comfortable.

What happened to your favorite sweater? Does it have a hole in it? Did it shrink in the wash? There are so many things that can happen and then what do you do with it? Toss it out?….NO!

Re-purposing our clothing not only saves us money on things that we can use but it also saves our landfills. Did you know that 5% of all landfill production is textile waste? Approximately 12 million tons of textile waste is generated each year in North America amounting to approximately 68 lbs of waste per household per year! WOW!

So, to do my part, I am trying new things! I have never liked to throw things away so re-purposing is great. For my latest project I used an old sweater given to me by my friend..who is a great crafter and blogger herself. You can check out a little of her craftiness at

I took my sweater and cut a 10″x14″ piece out of the front. I cut a piece of satin the same size for the back and a matching 1″ strip. I then took approx. 2″ off of the bottom of the back of my sweater. So I had a 2″x 20″ piece. This I used for my flower.

To make you flower simply sew a seam with a wide width along the raw edge of your 2″ strip. Then gather by gently pulling one side of the thread. Then make a flower, sewing through the bottom as you make it so that it will “stay put”.
I sewed my 1″ strip of satin onto my pillow with a decorative stitch and added my flower. Sew the flower on by going through the center of the flower several times. If you feel like it needs a little more can use a glue gun as well.
Lay front and back with right sides together and sew. Leave a small hole at the bottom of your pillow. Pull inside out, stuff with poly fill and hand stitch closed.

There you have it!


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