The quickest way for a parent to get a child's attention is to sit down and look comfortable.

You Did Good!

I have always thought that people say some of the oddest things. This is my odd comment for the day. It is a flash in the pan.

“What a BEAUTIFUL NEW BABY…… did good!!!”

Really??? I did good? Let’s cut to the chase. What exactly does that mean? Are you telling me that you approve in the genetic makeup of my partner? That I have made a good choice where you thought that I would fail once more? Of course, I did good!

Whether this comment is made to the new mother or the father, I feel that it makes no sense if you are truly trying to congratulate the new parents. After-all, if I were to have a baby with a deformity, what would be said then?
“Oh, my….how awful, you didn’t do so good this time.” ..Or maybe.. “You could have done better!”

I love my children and no matter what someone else may think….They are beautiful to me! They are beautiful to my Heavenly Father! They are wonderful spirit children of our Father in Heaven. They are his gift to me. He has entrusted us with each and every one of them. He is GREAT!

May I raise them to know better than to say……”What a beautiful baby….YOU DID GOOD!”


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