The quickest way for a parent to get a child's attention is to sit down and look comfortable.

My Little Angel Boy!

There are moments in life that take your breath away. Recently I had one of those days, but it was more like the breath being sucked out of every inch of my body.

I was out and about taking care of the list of endless errands when I decided to take a moment to see what the Goodwill had that I just couldn’t do without. (This is a regular “stop” for me when I have the time.) It had been several weeks since my last visit and had so much in that was new and appealing. I normally will just keep an eye out for nice clothing for the kids and check out the misc. kitchen & household items. Of course, I can’t resist treating my 3 yr old with his “newest” toy. At 25 to 50 cents each it’s not too much for him to ask and I am willing to appease.

On this occasion, I decided to do a little “me” shopping. So, I started in the shoes…:). We hadn’t been there long when my DB says “Mom, we get me car now?”  Me “In just a few minutes, mommy wants to find some cute shoes.”  DB “Me toy now.” Me “We will in just a little bit, as long as you are good.”

All the while, he is playing on the end of the cart while I am trying to distract his little sister from acquiring several pairs of shoes for herself. All of a sudden, he steps off of the cart..feet spread firmly apart with hands on hips, looks straight at me and, as calmly as if he were discussing the weather, says “Don’t Piss Me Off.” …”Silence” from dear mommy……”Wild” Bursts of laughter coming from somewhere close by. Not sure where at the moment due to my stupor of thought. Not even sure that I had heard him correctly. Did my little angel just use an extremely adult sentence? Where did his innocence go? Wasn’t it just this morning he was giving me little angel kisses and telling me that I was the “Best Mommy Ever”?

After a moment, I awakened from my stupor to look in the direction of the boisterous laughter. What do I find? A man in his middle to late 5o’s shopping with his wife. He laughed so hard it made his belly shake. One look at my face and he took off down the next isle ..trying to hide, I’m sure. Didn’t do him any good though, if anything his laughter became more prominent. His wife was a bit more contained as she simply smiled behind the dress she held before her. What could I do? I laughed! Not quite so loud or as long but a chuckle escaped as a smile appeared…just as quickly to be stifled, as I turned to my DB.

Trying to appear stern, so that I could manage the situation. Although, I already knew by the look on his face, I had lost………

So, my angel grew horns. I guess I knew it was coming. 🙂



Comments on: "My Little Angel Boy!" (2)

  1. that is tooo funny 🙂 kids say the darndest things! love em! they grow up so fast…

  2. Wow!! That is just too cute!!!

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